Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for mobile hybrid power

Fuel Cell – Lithium Ion Battery – Inverter/Charger 
all combined in one powerful APU.

Great benefits of new technology

The Auxiliary Hybrid Power solution will give following benefits: - Low fuel costs - Low fuel consumption - No preventive maintenance - Significantly lower CO2 emission - No emission of health damaging particles - Compliance with current legislation - Low noise - Ability to be completely integrated with vehicle – Be a part of the technology frontiers.   
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New green power generator

With the introduction of a new green power generator technology based on fuel cells, a lithium battery pack and a inverter system, we seek to create a new Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) that can replace traditional fossil fueled industrial generator solutions, or having the vehicle engine running idle for power purposes.  
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Combining fuel cell and lithium battery

We call the new system the new Auxiliary Hybrid Power solution (APU). By combining the lithium and fuel cell technology we have a system with a high efficiency and low fuel costs. The two technologies compliment each other perfectly and give the power extension that is necessary to enter new markets and create applications that were not otherwise possible. By using the battery and fuel technologies of the future in lithium and methanol, we believe to contribute to a paradigm shift in the technologies used for power purposes.  
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